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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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at ikea, we don't just we design good mornings.
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little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone. ♪ >> breaking right now. suspect is charged in the shooting death avenue three year old girl in grays ferry and tonight we're hearing from the child's mother. >> that was my only child. she was three years old. that was all i had. >> the grief still fresh as a community rallies for change calling for an end to the violence. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. news of this arrest came just as a vigil had wrapped up at the scene of the shooting. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live outside of police
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headquarters. he's got new developments for us tonight. matt? >> reporter: natasha, douglas woods late on saturday charged with murder. three counts of attempted murder and several other charges related to the violent scene that played out friday night in grays ferry >> this was the three year old child at easter three year old child with bright smile. >> she was beautiful young little girl. full of life. new everybody around the neighbor. run up to somebody she don't even know give them a big hug. >> reporter: friday night after 9:00 tamika brought her daughter to a friend' house to
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get her hair braided. half an hour later gunshots rang out. >> iran around the corner and i seen the cops and blood. where my baby at? >> two men had been arguing. police say that one of them 22 year old douglas woods pulled a gun and fired wildly. he struck the 24 year old he fought with in the head. that man still in critical condition. 21 year old money was hit, too, but will be okay. amidst all that chaos the little girl was getting her done on a porch nearby. 28 year old woman doing it was shot in the arm and survived. the little girl was hit in the chest didn't not. >> it was very devastating. like that was my only child. >> the community response was strong saturday. >> today it was someone else's child. tomorrow it can be yours. >> reporter: a peace rally earlier in the day. >> what do we want? >> reporter: giving way to a somber vigil at night. if there was unifying message through all of this something to take away it was this. >> put down the guns.
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innocent babies getting hit. my baby. three years old. just beginning life. now i got to prepare for her funeral. >> reporter: and with her death that makes four innocent children killed in philadelphia in the last week alone you'll remember it was last friday that three children were killed in a fatal hit-and-run in north philadelphia. we're live outside of police head quarter that is night, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so sad. thank you very much, matt. tonight also dozens attended a vigil at love park to remember the little girl it was organized by amnesty international and they urged the president and congress to take immediate action to address the epidemic of gun violence calling it a human rights violation that disproportionately affects young people and minorities. >> this is more than just a statistic much this is little girl who had a home and a family and parents an future, and we want to make sure that this isn't just something that we see and think it's a tragedy and go on to ignoring of the we shouldn't be ignoring this
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problem. >> amnesty international says gun violence is community problem that needs a community solution. now turning our weather now, we did manage to stay dry at least for most of the day. but tonight we're tracking the threat of more showers. meteorologist justin drabick keeping close eye on storm sca scan3. he has more on what we can expect as we go through the night. i know i have my umbrella very very handy justin just in case. not a bad idea to have it. we actually luck out. we had the steady rains earlier this morning and then most of the rain stayed to our south so we ended up having nice dry saturday across the delaware valley still a lot of clouds especially at the shore but again we are seeing some showers starting to develop across southern delaware into areas of central delaware as well. that's going to move up into southern new jersey it look like probably through the overnight hours into early sunday morning then you see more showers and storms across western pennsylvania. some of that energy could bring some scattered showers in our forecast for sunday it's not an all day wash out.
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just keep in mind have your umbrell will handy just in case. no need to cancel plans for outside tomorrow. 69 degrees at the airport in philadelphia. upper 60s in south jersey. lower 70s some of the areas to the north and west. suburbs kind of hanging out in the mid 60s this hour. dew point temperatures tells us how much humidity in the air. that's on the higher side. we're in the mid 60s right now. so it will feel muggy through the overnight into the rest of the weekend much here's your forecast sunday again mostly cloudy skies. could be some showers around in some spots. key word scattered. low 80s for philadelphia. cooler at the shore upper and ifs. poconos also in the mid 70s. now coming up in the full forecast, we'll talk about the timing of these showers on sunday and some warmer temperatures finally return to the forecast all coming up in just a few more minutes. natasha? back over to you. >> justin, thanks. see you soon. first of two americans stricken with ebola are is now on american soil spending his first night airtime emory hospital in
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atlanta good it's the first the deadly virus will be treated in the united states. >> private medical jet carrying dr. kent brangly landed in georgia around 11:20 saturday morning. inside the plane, dr. brantly was kept in an isolation tent and wore a suit to prevent him from infecting medical workers with him. the 33 year old physician from texas was then transported by an ambulance outfitted with intend protective drapes to em murray university hospital 20 miles away. he walked into the facility with help from a paramedic. he'll be kept in isolation unit that was built in collaboration with the nearby cdc. dr. jay very key is an infectious disease specialist at emory university hospital. he says he's confident that the facility can handle the disease. >> i truly believe in the practices we have in place and i have no specific my personal safety or my colleagues. >> the doctors will wear protective suits. ebola virus can only be transmitted through close contact and bodily fluids.
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cdc points out the chance of ebola spreading to the workers and operators in the us is highly unlikely. doctors say brantly's chances of survival at emory are much higher than they would be in west avenue from today. >> we can deliver a higher level of care and substantially higher level of support to optimize the likelihood those patients will survive. >> doctors say there known cures for vaccines for the virus they can only help the body fight the disease itself. >> well, for now the cdc says the only way to fight ebola is to stop it at its source. the agency's emergency operations center is tracking its spread in africa and also helping organizations try figure out how to keep other people from becoming infected. >> fern rock father meantime faces charges tonight accused of assaulting his two month old baby boy. einstein hospital notified police on friday afternoon that they had an infant with injuries
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in the er. the child was transported to st. christopher's hospital and remains in critical condition. the father 20 year old brian armstrong is charged with aggravated assault and related offenses. authorities returned to delaware county park to continue their search for two bodies believed to be buried there. a murder suspect led upper darby police to indian rock park in springfield on friday afternoon. john gots told officials he stabbed a man and woman to death in his apartment two years ago. dismember their bodies and then buried them in that park. police found nothing today. >> a new jersey nanny under arrest charged with dui. police in toms riff say a mother hired 50 yeared susan gibson through online service to take care of her son. well police say the mom came home on friday afternoon and found gibson passed out drunk on the floor. the little boy was nearby crying. gibson woke up and ran away. within minutes she had crash her car. she's being held on $50,000 ba
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bail. >> a woman is in critical condition after being struck by an alleged hit-and-run driver in north philly. it happened at eighth and allegheny at about 1:30 this morning. police say the driver of the car ran over the victim a second time when she fled the scene. the suspect was arrested at home after crashing her car near 25th and first. a philadelphia police officer suffered some hoy nor injuries when his car collided with two vehicles this morning. "eyewitness news" at germantown and west glenwood. investigators say the officer was responding to a robbery call when he was sideswiped by another vehicle. the officer's cruise sr. struck a pickup truck head on. >> the food bank of south jersey it brought its hope mobile food pantry to winslow township, new jersey, today. residents who qualify for assistance say picked up grocery at school number three on sicklerville road. the mobile food pantry will be stopping at school on the first saturday of each month. the south jersey food bank is
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part are inning with the perfecting church making all of this possible. there's new information about an israeli soldier believed to be captured by hamas. very latest on the crisis in the middle east is coming up. also, on "eyewitness news" tonight, toxic water. there's a public health emergency for nearly a half a million people. why they are now being told don't drink the water. >> and unusual way to celebrate a birthday. one man goes tightrope walking on top of a bridge. scary. straight a head in sports big within for some little sluggers out there. we'll tell you all about the home team making some noise in the little league national championship. we are back with you in just a
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hey, can you move please? i hate sheep. introducing the xfinity my account app. ♪ >> now to the crisis in the middle east. israel's prime minister says hamas militants were pay an intolerable price if they continue to attack his country.
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there's also now news tonight about the fate of a missing israeli soldier. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh has the latest tel-aviv. >> israel military announced missing israeli soldier dead. israel claimed hamas militants captured gold dean but an army statement released sunday local time said it was determined that he was killed in action friday. >> saturday night his family held a news conference pleading for israel to bring their son home. also a prayer service hundreds who knew him gathered on the school campus where he once studied. military nounsed that the 23 year old was promoted to the rank of lieutenant posthumously. family spokesman broke the news of gold dean's death to hundreds of supporter who's had gathered outside the family home. his railly prime minister benjamin nat 82 who israel will not back down. as long as hamas militants
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continue to fire rockets at his country. >> hamas again will learn the hard way that israel willo whatever it must do to protect its people. >> reporter: his remarks came on national television day after the latest humanitarian cease fire collapsed. the fighting remained fierce saturday. israel struck 200 alleged territory targets hamas launched more than 80 rockets into israel. dozens of palestinians were killed. alfonso van marsh cbs news tel-aviv israel. >> more victims remains have been recovered now from the sight of the malaysia airlines crash in eastern ukraine. vest baits were able to reach the scene on saturday for the second consecutive day despite clashes between pro russian separatists and ukrainian forc forces. flight 17 was shot down last month by a missile. all 298 passengers and crew members on board were killed. >> and caught on camera here a rare tornado hits istanbul, turkey you can see the funnel
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cloud throwing debris around as it moved throughout the city. no exact reports of any injuries or damage were released but rooftops of buildings were ripped off in the storm. the same severe weather system also dumped heavy rain which led to flooding in some areas as well. and thousands firefighters are now very busy attacking six major wildfires raging in central and far northern california. some of them grew so rapidly overnight that they prompted the evacuation of homes and recreation areas. dry lightning is blamed for sparking three of those fires. the others are still under investigation. >> the governor of ohio declares a state of emergency in the toledo area where nearly a half a million people are being told to not drink the water. officials issued the warning today after test revealed a toxin in the water possiblely from algae on lake erie. water distribution centers have been set up all around ohio's fourth largest city. most stores have run out of bottled water at this point.
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and now in oregon man there decided to celebrate his 21st birthday by walking across the cables of a steel bridge. police were called to the scene because on lookers thought the man was about to jump. the man's successfully crossed the cables climbed down the stairs and was immediately arrested fortress passing and disorderly conduct. >> all right. good saturday night everyone. hope you're having great weeke weekend. we had the instead dough rains early this morning and kind of lucked out through the afternoon all that heavy rain stayed to our south across virginia and north carolina. but still we are track something showers that could impact the rest of the weekend certainly not an all day wash out. take ugh over the past eight hours. looking at center city from west philadelphia this is from the global leadership academy currently we have 68 degrees northeast breeze but see a lot of clouds around today. saw some break late afternoon to the evening turned out to be pretty nice night. skies pretty much mostly cloudy for the most part across the
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delaware valley. but storm scan3 does show some more activities developing and just to the south across southern delaware you can see a batch of showers developing there. those are headed northeast ward. so that will eventually and pact central northern delaware and southern new jersey through the overnight into early sunday morning. out to the west another area of energy spawning some showers but it's kind of breaking up a little bit but some of that energy could get into our area later tomorrow afternoon. two separate areas that keep a threat for scattered showers maybe even a thunderstorm in our forecast. but don't cancel the outdoor plans. i think most the time we should stay on the dry side for sunday. 69 degrees at the airport right now. low 70s in wilmington and the capital city of delaware. 65 up in mount peck know. a lot of cooler air in place across northeast area and the mid atlantic because of the clouds and the showers around so expect temperatures to stay below average through the rest of the weekend. and again the key thing in the forecast that front off our
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coastline so as long as it hangs there, we'll have the that the for some showers around especially into south jersey and delaware during the morning hours tomorrow. inn land spots struggle to get to the low 80s scattered shower through the afternoon. on monday, that front tries to nudge farther east. that will allow some drier air to move back in so i think monday's forecast looking a whole lot better. skies should brighten up. decent amount of sunshine. humidity will be high. and temperatures do warm up into the mid 80s even warmer on tuesday. mid and upper 80s for the high temperatures. dry conditions before the next front moves into you are area on wednesday. we're tracking the tropics this is tropical storm berthas of 11:00 o'clock winds at 45 miles per hour. doesn't look like much on the satellite imagery as it passes over the dominican republic it continues to move off to the north and west pretty rapidly winds at 45 again the track take it more northerly and then to the northeast so it stays off the east coast over the next five days. it could strengthen briefly into
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category one hurricane. later this week on tuesday or wednesday or so but again it's well offshore. could bring some higher surf into the area beaches. that's pretty much about it. back home, though, tracking some showers overnight. especially south and east of the city. there could be a period of instead your rains specially at the jersey shore very early sunday morning. things should dry out into the afternoon but still there could be scattered shower or two in some spots few peeks of sunshine looking better sunday night. monday a whole lot better mostly sunny conditions there could be a stray shower that does pop up especially to the east of the city. but here's your forecast on the muggy side overnight. slight chance for showers south of the city those increase the chances increase a little bit early sunday morning especially across the jersey shore. skies pretty much mostly cloudy through the day we get up to 81 degrees for the high temperature. again, at the shore your best shot for the rain will be during the morning hours. it's humid not whole lot of sunshine. air temperatures 78 degrees. ocean water chilly at 68.
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here we go the extended foreca forecast. brighter skies for monday and tuesday we warm up mid to upper 80s with high humidity. wednesday there could be afternoon showers and storms but a looks great thursday, friday into the weekend low humidity with sunshine and mendte -- temperatures holding right near average for this time of year. natasha, back over to you. >> justin thanks so much. rob ellis has sports for us coming right up. stay with us,
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♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away >> aj bush net's first season with the fill less has been
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roller coaster. at times very good. others not so much. tonight in d.c. we got the latter. picket up bottom of the second phils trailing two nothing. two on. ran don't connects three run shot. five to nothing nationals. but what happens after this. jason werth at the plate. burnett questions the call. here come the home plate umpire. he's ejected. sandberg is tossed as welly. burnett just went one and two-thirds innings, five runs, 51 pitches. sandberg is out of there as well. montgomery came in and he was a gas can. six runs in two innings. he was auctioned back to lehigh valley after this nationals run away with phillies shut out for the 12th time this season 11 to nothing. >> eagles off today. they'll hold their second open practice of training camp tomorrow at lincoln financial field. much of the focus heading into the season after last year' success is the offense. many feel it's cutting edge. not necessarily the case says the coach.
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>> we're not doing anything revolutionary offensively, no. we run inside zone, we run outside zone, a sweet play, a purchase play. we got a five step game, three step play. we run screens and we've got new guys we'll tweak what we're doing based upon what they're skill sets are as we continue to evaluate here and how do we run this as we didn't do this much in the past but now that we got different type of person in that position let's do this. >> pro football hall of fame weekend in canton his hoy allentown pa and kutztown product andre reid after waiting and in years gets in as well as former eagle defensive claude humphrey. they're among the seven joining that club tonight. >> indiana pacer nba paul george incurred a gruesome compound fracture of his leg last night in lay vegas. we blur the injury due at the graphic nature of it. he underwent surgery later that night. no timetable on the return.
11:27 pm
>> league's op line store has ceased sale on andrew wiggins cleveland cavalier jersey. he's rumored to be part of a blockbuster deal involving kevin love. >> philadelphia representing strong in the little league championship the taney dragons took care of business today in bristol connecticut beating west salsbury maryland 11 to one in the mid atlantic region first round. team surprised of 12 and 13 year old they will take on delaware state champion newark nationals tomorrow at 11:00. bridge tone inveigh aig until akron ohio british open champion roy until ill loy burying the birdie. he would finish 66, three shots back of sergio. tiger woods on 13 his approach lands in the bunker. tiger would bogie the hole. he is plus one through the first three rounds. he is 15 strokes off the lead. we'l
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>> welcome back. new at 11:00 o'clock a special night at philadelphia zoo. hundreds of children from local hospitals were invited to visit the zoo for free tonight. the pediatric cancer patients and their families were all treated to an evening of food and lots of fun. eagles fly for leukemia organized this huge event it wasn't a great time out there for all the little ones and the big ones, too. their parents. we're back in a moment.
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>> that is "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown, for all of us here thanks for staying up with us f you're up early join our morning team starting at 6:00 and remember we're online for you all the time. criminal minds is up next. have a great night, everyone. ♪
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